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45mm/28mm Rotary Cutter Tool

45mm/28mm Rotary Cutter Tool


45mm/28mm Rotary Cutter Leathercraft Tool


Type: Rotary Cutter

Material: Stainless steel blade + ABS handle

Size: 27*13*3cm

Blade Size: 45mm/28mm optional.

Rotating mode: rotating point and fixed point can be rotated

Applicable Type: Leather Craft Fabric Quilting Cutting Tool

Rotary Cutter Used For : Quilting Cutting Patchwork Sewing Tool.

Rotary Cutter Occasion : Left hand cutter.

Suitable for : Fabric Cardboard Mat Paper Leather Cutter.

Function: Rotary Cutter Blades Set for Fabric Paper Circular Quilting Cutting.