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Embroidery Stitch Eraser Remover 8580SE

Features include:
-Lightweight & Ergonomic.
-10mm small cutting head allows you to work in small design areas and with seams and hems.
-40mm blade makes quick work of removing larger fill-stitched areas.
- Stainless steel and ceramic cutting bladed reduce friction, extending the life of the blades.
-Operation as corded or cordless device.
-3.7 volt 1500MaH lithium battery.
-Extended usage between charges.
-Eliminates out-of-reach electric outlets.
- Low-voltage usage - an enhanced safety feature.
-Recharges when in the "off" position.
-Charging light goes from red to green when fully charged.


Remove embroidered patch, Unpicking embroidery, Embroidery Stitch mistakes remover (#8580SE)

The Tool of Tools!!!

     A deadline to meet?

A disappointed customer?

    Supervisors breathing?

     down your neck?

Hundreds of missewn garments?

As Every embroiderer needs to remove unwanted stitches from time to time, then The Stitch Remover is the right tool for great job!

-This Stitch remover is designed by a professional embroiderer for embroiderers,Use it to remove embroidery stitches from fabrics.

-It has been engineered for the embroidery industry, features a specially designed cutting head and powerful motor which makes removing machine embroidery stitches mistake faster and easier from nearly every fabric, even knits and satin jackets! 

-Specialized cutter is able to be more sharper razor and quickly clips the under stitching and bobbin thread until stitches are cut and easily fall out without damage to material, uses very little energy and provides a consistent flow of power for precision stitch removal! 

-Unlike traditional razors, we have a New Head Configuration , Smaller Cutting Head allows you to work in small design areas , especially made for cutting thread.

It has been A must-have for anyone who sews! 

And becoming  the right time-saving tool at the right money-saving price!

-Perfect for home or shop, no matter what size operation you have. 

-Just plug in the Stitch Eraser, trim your mistakes away! 

-Your garment will be left virtually un-touched, and can be re-used, saving you valuable time and effort. 

-When required, simply replace the blade cartridge, and you'll be ready to go.

-Rip stitches like never before! Used worldwide by embroiderers. 

-Save garments with embroidered mistakes like misspellings, wrong dates, colors and more. 

-Simply release stitches from reverse side and then lift away from above.

Snap on/off blades.

Cord/Cordless operation.

Includes 10mm and 40mm Blades.

Save garments with embroidered mistakes like misspelling, wrong dates, colors and more.

10mm blade is ideal for small areas and removing satin stitches.

40mm blade makes quick work of removing larger fill-stitched areas.

Release stitches from reverse side and lift away from above.

Used world-wide by:


*Interior Decorators.


*Drapery Specialists.

*Auto Seat Upholsterers.

*Furniture Upholsterers.



*Alteration Shops.

*Garment Manufacturers.

*Leather Boot Manufacturers.

*Shoe Manufacturers.

*Home Makers.

An absolute MUST-HAVE tool for professional embroiderers and sews for the time and heartache it could save you!